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DRM1 MKIV Drum Synthesizer (Standard)

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Vermona is back with the latest incarnation of their classic analog drum synth, the DRM1 MkIV. Now in its fourth revision, Vermona kept the outside appearance the same while revamping the internal circuitry for improved performance. It features eight drum voices, each with nine knobs to shape their sound parameters, panning, and volume. Vermona took special care to re-examine these controls, optimizing frequency ranges and control curves to ensure peak performance.

In addition to the standard MIDI inputs, DRM1 MkIV features USB MIDI integration, allowing easy and seamless integration with your DAW of choice. A MIDI output turns the drum machine into a USB to DIN MIDI converter to trigger other drum machines or MIDI devices. The new revamped power supply works anywhere in the world without having to change the mains voltage manually while still retaining the same level of energy efficiency. The DRM1 IV builds on Vermona's 25 years of experience and ingenuity that went into making these revered drum machines a timeless classic.


  • Eight-voice drum machine
  • Drum voices include kick, drum1, drum2, multi, snare, hihat1, hihat2, and clap
  • Nine parameters per drum voice
  • Revised circuitry improves parameters and response
  • USB MIDI integration
  • MIDI output
  • Individual outputs/inserts
  • Power supply works globally
  • Headphone output

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  • 5
    Vermona DRM1 MkIII (trigger option)

    Posted by Tyron Skinner on 17th Aug 2020

    A brilliant source of real analog drum sounds. These sounds have a ‘one knob per function’ layout on the front panel, inviting you to tweak and play while your pattern is running, creating really organic moving beats. I chose the trigger option because it allows me to trigger any of the DRM’s channels from a variety of sources- like an analog sequencer. Triggering is reliable and no trigger ‘click’ appears at the audio outputs. Individual outputs are available for all channels, along with a stereo and headphone output. The outputs are clean and strong. There’s even a way to insert outboard effects into a channel using a TRS to 2 mono TS adapters on a split cable. The sounds range from 808ish 909ish offerings, right through to bizarre pitches and pings. None of the drum channels have to sound anything like its description- for example the snare can be made to sound like a clave or bell, and the kick drum like a syn-tom! The bottom end is full, the top range lively. Just quality sound. No memories are provided for storage, thank goodness! This means that all your sounds are fresh and available for adjustment. Just get in there and twiddle the knobs :)